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Dorn Research Institute aspires to facilitate, administer, encourage, and promote research and educational efforts for the Principal Investigators (PI's) at the Columbia VA Health Care System by:

  • Providing on-site Grants Management and Administrative services in an efficient, cost-effective and timely manner


  • Marketing the Medical Center's unique research capabilities and expertise to a wide range of funding sources including other government agencies and for-profit corporations

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Grants Management

  • Receives and administers funds from sponsors in accordance with contract and legal guidelines

  • Manages funds and provides regular status reports to PI's on grant / contract balances and expenditures

  • Creates and maintains grant records on behalf of PI's including invoices and receivables, purchases and payments, and payroll management

  • Helps ensure compliance with appropriate regulatory agencies such as the IRS and OIG

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  • Assists PI's in developing agreements and negotiating contracts with funding sources

  • Provides access to legal counsel for the review of contracts and agreements

  • Maintains employment and payroll records, arranging for fringe benefits as needed

  • Purchases supplies and equipment, and expedites travel requests



  • Acts as liaison between PI's, government and for-profit corporation

  • Enables PI's to target a wider base of funding possibilities

  • Seeks to work with PI's to coordinate collaborative endeavors with universities, hospitals, charitable foundations, professional societies, other government agencies, and for-profit entities

  • Provides a web presence to enhance awareness of the Medical Center's unique research capabilities and expertise